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EDWARD LARRIKIN [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
(Dedicated to the new project of) Larrikin.

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glossolalia [Nov. 22nd, 2008|12:59 pm]
(Dedicated to the new project of) Larrikin.

other things & glossolalia channel utube
my friends at LONDON WORD FESTIVAL (where Camusflage Krokodial, that monologue i wrote last year, was first shown) have created a page dedicated to The Fib - which is a poem based on the Fibonacci sequence. CLICK HERE and go to the Fibber's Gallery at the bottom of the page. Then, when you are ready, you, the very merry public, are invited to submit your own. Go.

Also, in the next 48 hours, a london show will be announced. around 15th Dec i think. there will be very limited tickets due to the space so keep your eyes blah blah blah..


video diaries and films
i will update the page as i sort thru my computer
there are many videos from pilion to laugharne to texas to"
^ taken from edwardlarrikin.blogspot.com

below is another blog posted about the gig at the paradiso on nov 14th;
live at the paradisoCollapse )

these are the two new videos uploaded;

and this was the first one that was uploaded;

this is edwards poem from The Fib page, linked above;
was born
blew a stiff wind of
ill into my pale rocking cot

Edward Larrikin"


i just thought this place was a bit dead looking, sorry if i've done this wrong, i very rarely use livejournal


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news [Nov. 16th, 2008|04:08 pm]
(Dedicated to the new project of) Larrikin.


ed larrikin all nu website + single

+ + +

http://blog.myspace.com/thepaniam 23 Oct 2008
it has been a while, a long time and lots of silence on my part for which i do apologise
i have been starting and a stoppin for over a year now, perfecting one thing and then realising it was lazy and not very exciting for me , so i'd move onto something else and the same would happen. this has been a good thing and interesting too


thru many a mishap, many a misunderstanding, much debate, a few friendships and swimming pools of cheap asda home brand white,red and rose; i have settled on a new gang, a new live line up, a new single, a new website/blog (coming soon) and a good idea of the year ahead..

The first single, which will be a free download for youz, will be out at the beginning of november to coincide with the launch of the website (which will be very active on my part) then there will be a few dates before that winter break in late december and then a small tour in the new year

there will be more news shortly
in the meantime here is a picture of some stars


and here is a picture of the church outside the window about 3 minutes ago



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young god/bad thing [Jun. 19th, 2008|09:36 pm]
(Dedicated to the new project of) Larrikin.
Greetings pan i ammers.


This appears to be a new project of Edward's? There's a myspace page and 3 songs at the moment. It's called Young god/bad thing. xxx

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THE GRAND OPENING [Jul. 29th, 2007|10:39 pm]
(Dedicated to the new project of) Larrikin.
[music |The Strange Death of Liberal England]

Good day and welcome to thepaniam, a community dedicated to Edward Larrikin's newest music project The Pan I Am, and also dedicated to more than that. In fact, we don't mind posts about the other ex-members of Larrikin Love, and we're okay with posts about Edward Larrikin's work next to The Pan I Am. I hope everything works fine, if you find any bugs please report them to me. Now, spread the love and have fun!
- Your mods
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